Saturday, January 2, 2010


Courtesy Nishanth Chandran, Director EBS,

B2C and B2B are like North and South pole. There are multiple opportunities around this Wedding business trust me when i was looking at PG business for india, people were laughing at me, Now all agree its a great business. There always critics around all the time. I have never seen or heard about successful people NOT being criticized, infact more you get criticized more you becomes successful

Use the critics to improve, I personally feel you can make a premium website for wedding and the price tag of INR 5,000 and then you could probably talk to them and look at value adding, may be u can sell a newborn package and sell a 10 years package with their own domain name and probably an email service something like than the boring @gmail, I am using google apps which exactly is Gmail interface with my own domain, check to get an idea, google charges nothing but you can do. see

Wedding is one of the expensive events in ones life, hence spending 5k will not be a big deal, you could even package deals like 5k for 2 years,10k for 10 years etc

Just my thoughts!

Nishanth Chandran

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