Monday, December 14, 2009

Business Model and Initial Information

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Those of you who want to have a refresh on their economics, please find a lovely 5 minute youtube video on 10 principles of economics. 10 principles of economics is a common textbook undergrad theme in US put up by leading economist Gregory Mankiw.

On another note, some of you are aware that I have moved out of executive responsibilities in ControlCase. I am going to survive on my shareholding returns henceforth..Reasons: I got bored, and I just felt what is the need to work?

As I have some time these days, Nikhil Kulkarni IM 10, and me have cooked up a scheme to do some fun entrepreneurship. We are going to offer google mashup marriage site templated along to all those who want a site like this. The target market would be fat Indian marriages and for marrying couples who are not web authoring experts..The preferred channel for marketing this product would an
offline channel: marriage card printers in India who are going to get 20% for each sale if they sell this for Rs 5000. We are going to follow standard pricing, and the price per unit is Rs 5000/-

Both of us being NITIE alumni, we thought that it would be just appropriate to offer the fruits to NITIE community first..One can make money by either selling, or creating the site the techical details we will give to persons selected.

Position A) Rs 1000 per lead for the person who gets a marketing lead that gets converted
Position B) Rs 1000 per instance for the person who uploads content as
per our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) whenever a confirmed sale
comes in..

Position A) No Selection, all are free to join. They will need to let us know in advance that they are in so that we can setup payment mechanisms
Position B) As we have to ensure quality, we will do a selection pre-entry and performance assessment post-entry on this. Poor performers will get dropped out, and good performers will get more than proportional work.

So if you have wives, husbands, relatives, friends, or you yourselves who are idling all the time away in facebook/orkut, and Saas Bahu, you can approach us for any of the money making opportunities. We will give the first choice to NITIE community(alumni and current students), and reserve a 30 day period from today (Till January 14th 2010) in which we are not going to offer position (B) to anyone after which we will offer the positions to college kids other than those from NITIE.

Please note that the business model and pricing will keep on getting refined as we learn more and more. We are not accepting investors asthis is a low cost startup model, and the founders (Nikhil and me) don't need any startup capital for this one. Kindly don't approach us with any shareholding request. Suggestions to improve will be welcome, and good ones will be acknowledged.


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