Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Further Explanation on Marketing Associate

As we said we will keep up updating the business model as we keep on learning. Here comes the update:

There was a slight problem in the model with respect to shares of Position A or marketing associate as pointed by some, and to resolve that, here is the solution

Position A Marketing Associate Remuneration: Rs 1000 per marriage instance if a confirmed lead is brought through a card printer or any other marriage intermediary who get Rs 1000 as well. Rs 2000 per instance for the Marketing Associate if a marriage contract is brought directly.

Now the fun part: If a marketing associate registers a card printer, or any other marriage intermediary, he gets to keep Rs 1000 for every confirmed lead brought by that intermediary, till ETERNITY. This is subject to him keeping that relationship alive as per our quality standards.

Some implications: X is a marriage associate who enrolls a Y, a Pandit, a marriage intermediary. The Pandit gets 5 marriages in first month, and 6 marriage in second month, and 30 marriages the rest of year. He also gets 15 marriages in year 2. X has resolved Pandits queries, and kept him comfortable.

First Month: Rs 5000/-
Second Month: Rs 6000/-
Rest of year: Rs 30,000/-
Second Year: Rs 15,000/-

All of above will happen through a single act of registering 1 pandit. If the marketing associate enrols 5 pandits, 4 card printers, 7 jewellery shops, 4 tent supplier and assuming the business is in same proportion, the payouts are:

First Month: Rs 100,000/-
Second Month: Rs 1,20,000/-
Rest of Year: Rs 6,00,000/-
Second Year: Rs 3,00,000/-

We believe in the philosophy: Large Money in some hands is better than small money in large hands. So we have now decided to restrict the number of Marketing Associates. Otherwise we don't have enough Card Printers, Pandits, TentWallahs, Jewellery shops etc. to support the model. This would be done on first-come-first serve basis. The number at which we will apply the cut-off is not known yet, and we will notify as soon as we reach that. You would naturally guess that the cut-off numbers are region wise to give complete coverage..


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