Monday, December 14, 2009

Clarification to Pratik

Pratik had a problem how much is his share if he does a sale directly vis-a-vis through a printer. This exposed an allocation issue in our model, and the founders had to recalibrate their business model.

Enclosed is explanation for marketing associates

OK Pratik. Nikhil and I have come to an understanding. We are increasing the marketing bucket to Rs 2000 per sale. This means that if you do a sale through a card printer, he gets Rs 1000, and the Marketing Associate gets Rs 1000. If you do a direct sale, you get Rs 2000/-. If a printer approaches us directly, and does a sale, the printer gets Rs 2000/-

Now here is the fun part. If you get a printer, you get Rs 1000 for every sale he does till eternity. Which means you enroll 1 printer, and he gets you 10 marriages, you get 10,000 even if you worked only first time to get him on. However, this is not without work. You will have to maintain the printer relationship, and solve his problems as well continuously. If you don't do that well, then you don't get any subsequent printer share.

Please note that unit price is still Rs 5000/-


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