Monday, December 14, 2009

Marketing Associate is the designation

We get the response back from Pratik. He selects MARKETING ASSOCIATE as the designation.

Posted some doubts which we will clear in the next post.

I Am Marrying Team
Hi, Thank you for involving me in ur venture. I have a few doubts which I need to get clarified.

First, let me tell u what has my understanding of this model been.
1. I am marrying team will create website of marriage of a particular couple.
2. As a Marketing associate it is my responsibility to get in touch with card printers and convince them to sell this online marriage sites to their customers.
3. For each couple that the card printer converts I will get 1000 Rs/-

Plz let me know if my understanding has been correct. In this model is it possible that I can also try to sell this templates to couples directly eliminating the Card Printers.

When the ppl need to setup a website for their marriage, do we provide them only the template(i.e those ppl have to do all the uploading and other stuff) or we get the pics and other stuff from them and build the website ourselves????

My account details are as follows

I will make sure that I get the maximum leads and also regarding the designation I guess SHADDIWALA MANAGER sounds intereseting :-)
On a serious note, Marketing Associate sounds good.

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