Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Cost Angle

Pratik had one more query which again exposed another allocation which was of costs:
When the ppl need to setup a website for their marriage, do we provide them only the template(i.e those ppl have to do all the uploading and other stuff) or we get the pics and other stuff from them and build the website ourselves????
Here's how we plan to handle it:
We will build the website - we will need to get the pics/ videos, story text etc from them - after that we are on our own.

As for hosting / domain charges - we again need to work out whether we charge back that amount to the customer, but mostly we will accommodate this too.
I guess the model should evolve as we move ahead - if the costs are worth absorbing, we will; if at any point we feel that the costs are pulling down the motivation of the founders and that the customer would be happy to pay a little more, we might as well push up the prices!

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