Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 2: Second Applicant

This time someone's come in for Position B
Hi Rohit/Nikhil,

Glad to see something really interesting rolling out here. I am totally interested in the 'venture'.

I have a little bit of entrepreneur bug in myself too so it would be a good way to start with.

I am open to both positions A & B.

Just wanted to know how much time it takes to create the template using the SOP. Have to keep sure that it doesn't takes too much and effects my other works. I am pretty sure I am technically enabled to handle position B. I am pretty smooth with IT stuff and, also, was a part of Mastishk team at NITIE (if that adds up to my credentials :D).

Pls feel free to ask for any queries on my profile.

Saurabh Singh
And here's the clarification to his doubts [highlighted above]:

There's no real "coding" involved, just getting content, creating screencasts etc, uploading it editing parts and embedding the right content.

My estimates:
  • Getting the right stuff (fotos / vdos/ text) while the job of the Marketing Associate (Position A), will still take some coordination on your part - aggregated time emailing / calling etc - it should take 1/2 hr. Uploading the content on relevant sites, creating "custom" albums and sets - another 1/2 hr
  • Creating Maps, Calendar etc content uploading on slideshare, photobucket etc - 1/2 hr
  • Finally customizing the pages for the new guy - 1 hr
  • Domain management, hosting etc - 1/2 hr
Aggregated: 3 hrs per client

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