Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Position B Additional Clarifications

Dear Saurabh,

We will first try to address your concerns in Position B so that we make the position B attractive. After we have done that we will perform our validations on you, and ask our questions...Hope you are OK

I think you might just be interested in finding ways in automating all the tasks listed below by Nikhil initially. If you think 3 hours is too much of a time, we can get you an intern which you can oversee..(Of course it comes from your money bucket, but you could do your bargains). We can also give the initial entrants minimum guarantees in terms of priority..lets say first 10 or first N will definitely go to first person selected to cover all his costs, and for doing specialist work...

If you have entrepreneurial bug in you, you sure will find of ways making it profitable, and you will find in us partners willing to make changes to make you(Position B guys) comfortable.


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