Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Defence of Criticism 2

We have been critiqued that selling a website for Rs 5000 is a very poor concept when there are good quality free web-sites available.

2 quick points from my side:

I. Premium water sells even if there are plenty of free water around. Its about making people believe there is something worth paying.

II. If we find later on that the concept is not working because the product is weak, of course we will change the product. Who stops us from changing "A marriage site" to "A complete Marriage Fulfillment ecommerce website" -Marriage needs lots of logistics...quite a few of them is boring..All these card printers, tentwallahs, Pandits lights, chairs, booking venues would be more than glad to offer their services through us, and marrying guys would be more than glad to get all of it sorted out through us. But for now, we are building infrastructure, and we want to have some fun. So "A marriage site" is a perfect offering...


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