Thursday, December 17, 2009

Field Trip result

The field trip yesterday resulted in a movie trip "Rocket Singh: The Best Salesman of the Year". So sorry work..just fun..Isn't it all for fun..All I have is a movie review to show for. Turns out that the movie is based of entrepreneurship itself. The hero, lets say X is very average in academics, and barely passes. But he has a feel for human feelings which makes him believe he could be a very good salesman. And so he cracks his first sales job interview in a firm lets say Y, and like most of people finds an asshole company, and an asshole boss. He is very excited about his job, but his first assignment leads him to be literally fired, and restricted to a desk job kissing a toilet. Its then when he starts his company lets say Z using facilities and dissatisfied employees of Y. As a company, Z is based on philosophy of profit sharing, equal opportunity employer, more quality for less price for customers, higher servicing standards, employee ownership, and ethics.

I am pretty confident that a sum total of above values would result in a company with turbo start, and a bunch of charged up employees. But in a no time will lead to severe employee dissatisfaction(system fails to discriminate between good and bad performers, addition of a marginal employee leads to erosion in payoffs of all existing employees), shrinking margins for the company as scales grow(offering more for less will test the company very very soon), and ultimate collapse(poor business model design--marginal costs rises faster than marginal revenues). It I were given a choice to remove some values: I would remove profit sharing, employee ownership. I would keep ethics, higher servicing standards. I would change "more quality for less price" to "more quality for same price".

But thats not how the movie makers see it, and Z takes off big time at the cost of Y till Z gets discovered that its been undercutting Y using resources of Y. Dynamics of conflict between Y and Z, and subsequent settlement forms the climax.

Dialogue of the movie "Customer ke to naam me hi hai mar"

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