Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Opening Meeting

The opening meeting was done for I Am Marrying. Myself in left, Pratik, the marketing guy in center, and Snehal in left from Hellointern. Hellointern is a IIT Mumbai based startup. I am Marrying is in discussions to have a syndicate relationship with HelloIntern. Snehal will go back and talk to his other parters, and confirm by Saturday.

Pratik turned out to be a guy with lot of enthusiasm. Its going to be fun working with him

Key decisions:
a. Marketing tricks were debated. It was decided that we will have to offer sales of product all marriage intermediaries from whom we would need business from.
b. The first card printer we approached seemed to understand nothing about websites, which is a good thing as we are targeting non-internet active people. He got his son to understand what Pratik was talking about, and asked if we can give website development training to his son. Thats an easy thing to do. We have gladly accepted the offer to entice the printer to sell our product, which he still does not understand :)
c. HelloIntern has been requested to arrange all our staffing needs internally henceforth. Since uploading marriage content is not a very exciting task, the best thing would be to staff it from college kids of interior colleges, or those people who find it difficult to get jobs like handicapped people. Some potential for earning social points.
d. Pratik is going to post daily his progress report, so that it can be reviewed. I am going to talk to him daily to get the marketing right.

IIT Bombay is celebrating MoodsNIndigo. The guy is visiting from Motilal Nehru College Indore, and clicked us, and a possible collaborator is in center the second picture.


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