Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, with my project ending I am back again, all geared up for I am Marrying. Did a good amount of calling today, however need to refine a lot.
I first contacted Just about any events, Bandra. I started with - Hello mam, I am blah..blah. I am calling u from so and so firm ....and more blah..blah. "Sorry we are not interested" !!! was the immediate reply and the lady cut the call. Reject. Now it was time for Knot Forever, even that lady was not that enthusiastic to listen abt what I was saying. Well though she said me to give a call tomorrow.
I began to realise every time I started, I was just talking abt my firm , what I was offering.
The next call was to a Professional wedding Photographer. The person was out of India for an assignment, the secretary had picked the call. This time I started with saying -"Hello, I am Pratik Divekar and I needed some help of yours " !!! I went on to explain that we have just started a firm to design Marriage websites and would be grateful to learn from them abt how should I be approaching this market. This time the lady, though having no incentive to continue the call went on explaining the various ways on how can I talk to clients , What market do we really have and other stuff. She also promised me to definitely tell the Photographer abt me when he returns back.

That was for today...tomorrow need to contact more people.
Just 2 days before I had called one more person who happened to be my sisters friend. She had prepared a website of her own marriage which happens to be in December.

She echoed the thoughts of many. If it is a marriage website, it has to be attractive, cannot have bland templates and should be dynamic i.e even the viewers of the website shud be able to pour their comments(for e.g commenting on a particular pic of the engagement ceremony)

Lets see what happens tomorrow :-)

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