Saturday, December 19, 2009

Exactly what kind of startup I am creating

I am trying to create

a. Absolutely low cost startup with as much free resources as possible

b. Value balanced: That is every entity vendors, customers, associates, employees give away some monetary benefits to get some monetary benefits in such a way that what everyone receives is more than what he gives. Is the system balanced..Can we create such a system..Theoretically Yes.. as the number of customers is always more than the number of vendors, and small benefit given up by customers(price they pay to us) can be more than compensated by giving them aggregate discounts from vendor group.

The smaller number of vendors in turn benefit by increased sales which more than compensates the discounts they give. The employees always get paid in proportion to work, and employee numbers are calibrated such that they always have good number of work. Once such a system is created and stabilized, the promoters also make money by reaping the residual money per transaction.

c. The company is designed not to have profits. Every amount in transaction is distributed. This will keep in lean with low system costs.

d. System if modelled should have poles/zeroes in the right hand side of Y-axis of the equivalent polynomial function (this principle is only for me..denotes that system should have positive exponentials if business is mathematically modelled, and positive feedback function)


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