Saturday, December 19, 2009

Try to arrange discounts

To be able to sell a marriage website for Rs 5000/-, we will have to offer discounts to marrying couples. I remember I joined a film club for Rs 1500/- showing 54 movies in a year and they offered me a discount of Rs 600/- for entry into a film festival in Mumbai. It made instant business sense. We should be able to find vendors in marriage market with least cost in a city and try negotiating a discount on top. Vendors will get marriage orders through us, and marrying couples will get marriage resources through us. This will create a symbiotic relationship.

So lets try to find least cost marriage vendors(booking halls, Pandits, Phoolwallah, Car Hirers, Tent Wallahs, Sweetshops, Catering Shops, and Card Printers), and try negotiating contracts with them.

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