Monday, December 14, 2009

First Appointment

Internet is power. The first associate for marketing position A(designation yet to be named) gets appointed the same day. We shall see how good he turns out. We will post his progress, and the money he makes here..

I Am Marrying Team

Dear Pratik,

Thanks for expressing interest in this initiative. You happen to be the first person who applied, and on the basis of your CV, we have no hesitation in appointing you for position A. We have no set designations right now, so you can choose what you would like to call yourself (so long as it is reasonable), and that would be the designations of subsequent people for Position A as well. Its a privilege you get on account of being the first person to get appointed.

Please note that is not an offer of employment, but a marketing sharing arrangement, so you will not have any employee benefits. We believe you would use ethical means, and usage of any unlawful methods would void our arrangement. Also in case you want to opt out at any point, please let us know in advance by at least 1 day so that we can keep track.

As part of our policy, we have decided to make the entity totally transparent, so all communication would be public including your CV, and other personal information you may have submitted. In case you have reservations, please let us know.

Payment modes: You will be paid Rs 1000/- as soon as your lead materializes, and payment from the lead comes into our account. We will have a purely online setup for this later. For the time being, you can give us your account(it would be good if it is Internet Enabled), and we will deposit the money in your account physically.

The project site would be and all our updates would be posted there, including the communication chain. The beta name of the entity will be I Am Marrying.

Also, it will be helpful if you could keep in touch with us with respect to strategies to get more conversions. Maybe we can help you accelerate lead generation, and conversion.


Rohit Tripathy
I Am Marrying

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