Monday, December 14, 2009

Founder advice to first appointee

Congrats Pratik for bagging the first offer - do let us know what your designation is!

Btw ... just want to point out 3 things:

* Reach is importantly ... in a country of a billion, what's important is to reach the right audience at the right time - whether its selling Bajaj to the Middle class in the 80s or Pulsar to IT professionals of the 90s ... so if you can crack the reach - you are done ... the rest is for you to drive!
* Execution matters ... in NITIE we get into a habit of planning ... but after coming out of NITIE, I realized that nothing but execution matters .. so how you do something is more important and what you do
* Speed is key ... my experience of working with NITIE students has been that they are so engrossed in the daily campus hulla that their response is quite slow .. which is quite unlike me (and Rohit!) .. I tend to reply to mails within minutes / hours .. more importantly, I tend to move forward on ideas and oppty's within days ... so the faster you move the better

Best of Luck!

निखिल कुलकर्णी

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