Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Client Lead

My parents are in Mumbai, and I am taking them around. So the pace of posts have been slow. Sumeet Jindal, my childhood time best friend called me from Scotland and gave me some suggestions to improve. He is a veteran marriage organizer, and has arranged at least 2 marriages comprehensively, so quite an experienced consultant :)

Some valuable suggestions:

1. He suggested to add capability to send invitations for marriage, and automatic confirmation of those invitations.

2. He also suggested to collect information like logistics management during marriage(who is coming from which locations, and their stay plans and pick up locations).

The bigger news is that Sumeet gave first client lead. I am going to follow it up, and post the progress here. We love you Sumeet. And I am going to need him more and more as he is the expert out here.

Rohit Tripathy

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