Saturday, December 26, 2009

Was out of Mumbai for 2 days, returned just last night, as it was decided I should brief Rohit everyday abt wat happened everyday. Sadly, nothing happened for the past 2 days. However........let us begin now, I made one attempt few days back, when I contacted a local card printer but instead he introduced me to his son who was more interested in getting info on Web Designing courses.
That is the important part in selling. To sell your product you need to convince the person that he/she gains more than what you gain and that we both require each other to sustain our business, which is what we call a "Symbiotic Relationship".

Well, lets see with how many such card printers and photographers I am able to establish a relationship, have gathered some contacts of Wedding Planners and Photographers......Let the fun begin !!!!!

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  1. Thanks Pratik. Have great hopes from you.