Friday, January 1, 2010

A letter to the Wedding Planners

Well below is a copy of the letter I mailed to a list of wedding planners I had compiled, Suggestions are welcome as to how it can be improved.

Ya one more news....Jindal Steel had picked me up as a candidate for a Weekend Project in the Operations and SCM Domain, u know Ops. rules in NITIE. Well I leave the house daily at 8:30 a.m work for the whole day on a Production Plant and come back again at 8:00 in Night.This does consume some of my time and ..ya work on my side has definitely slowed down a bit. However it has not died and the project ending in the next 10-12 days Hope I convert some good number of leads. Wish me Luck :-). have secured some 3-4 contacts on Couples who are about to marry, Lets see how the events fold out.

Everyone's suggestions are welcome

Hello Sir/Madam

I am Pratik R. Divekar and am an M.B.A Graduate from NITIE, Mumbai. Well to begin with I have something interesting for you. I got your contact through your website and got to know that you are engaged in Wedding Planning. Would you not like to expand your business and get more clients? Well everybody wants, me too, I can help you in this. I am working with a start-up enterprise wherein we design websites for Marrying Couples or for some other social functions.

The website will contain details about the venue address, the marriage photographs, a form to get whether the person will be able to make it for the marriage and many other features. So????? What do you get out of this? Well in any marriage or for that matter other social functions, there are a lot of events unfolding, the families are emotionally attached to these events, they want even others to know about these events. It is the same way a blog is written, wherein people document their experiences. They want their friends to know their marriage experience. Just think, if they get a wedding planner who can provide all of this to them. Photographs and Videos are very much important and treasured, many a times it happens that the Photographs cannot reach all the people who attended the function. These photographs can be uploaded. To start off with our business we are looking for couples who are getting married and convince them to create a website for their marriage. In such a case it becomes easy if we have a wedding planner whom we know, because then the work becomes simple.

So, the real catch is here. When we contact people for creating marriage websites we will convince them to Hire you as the photographer (believe me, they will be more than happy If they get all the contacts without much Jhanjhat). When customers visit you, even you convince them to create a website of their marriage. For each customer that you get we will pay you 1000 Rs. If customers like this, they will tell other people that –“Go to this wedding planner, you will also get a website designed for your marriage”. This will definitely differentiate you from the rest of the wedding planners. Add to that we can also put your name and address on the website, so the more people watch the website the more publicity you get. So this is a win-win situation for both of us, as we both are able to expand our business. If you are interested then please do reply back. We will be very much happy to have a long lasting tie-up with you.

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  1. Wishes for the Jindal weekend. Managers have to manage multiple tasks, and the test begins..Thanks for the letter.