Saturday, January 2, 2010

Payment System Creation

One of the questions that comes up what management systems and processes do we create. What is the best time to create them? I think systems should be created on minimalistic basis, and whenever the need arises. The full focus should remain on core product improvisation, and its marketing. For now the most important system that we need to create is payment distribution system. I want some innovation in this. Since our target market, and target employees are all individuals, we have to create an efficient payment system. The client should be able to pay very efficiently, and the money should get distributed efficiently as well.

Rohit Tripathy


  1. I have one idea on how to accept payment without using PayPal or any electronic means - only problem is that this method will be as fast (or as slow) as snail mail. It goes like this:

    A user who comes to site to say 'buy a service' provides his/her postal address and presses a button "Pay". The site will then give him a user ID and to "buy" he will have to enter a secret code.

    In the background, a CD containing the secret code will be shipped to the users postal address. The CD will be sent by VPP (Pay on Delivery). The user will get the CD on payment and can then enter the code contained in the CD on the site to confirm payment.

  2. I think this is lot of work for the customer. The waiting business will destroy the fun. We can ask him to pay though cash cards like ItzCash, Done Cards. I have talked to Director EBS, who said that by February, he will have an exclusive partnership with Paypal India to offer us person to person payments. I would prefer a mobile based system however.

    Whatever we design, it should scale up very efficiently, and the model should support even the most inaccessible parts of India. Remember the product is for non-Internet aware users.