Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mashup: An underused concept

Mashup is a very powerful concept. I was looking at features of a competitor
, and figured out that mashup can achieve almost all of it, in a very simple way, with very small efforts. Mashup offers a low-cost feature upgradation scalabilities.

Our website creation concept based on mashup is highly underestimated. We need to focus much more on this.

I will research later on capabilities of Mashup.

Rohit Tripathy

p.s. Features I was talking about is listed below

Wedding Planning Features:

* 24 / 7 Access: make changes to your website from anywhere in the world, at anytime via an internet connection.
* 24 / 7 FREE Support: if the FAQ doesn't resolve your query you can use the support ticket system to register a query and receive an immediate response.
* Advertisement Free: you won't be bombarded with 3rd party adverts
* Privacy Guaranteed: Marriage Site will never share your private details with 3rd parties.
* Budget Planning Tool: add budget entries for each vendor involved with each event and see if you're staying within budget.
* Email Shots: a powerful array of email shot tools provide you with an easy and fun way to announce your engagement, wedding details, website or anything else.
* Events: You can add any number of events to your wedding plans, such as bachelorette / hen parties, bachelor / stag parties, showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinner, rehearsal ceremony, ceremony and reception. You can invite different contacts to each event, or have every contact automatically invited to an event.
* Exclusive Special Offers: a range of wedding-related products and services (e.g. wedding dresses, jewelry, stationery, perfume, photography, table planning software and much more) to take the stress out of planning your wedding...and staying within your budget.
* Export Data: if you don't want to send out invitations via e-mail you don't have to - simply export your contacts list (open the file in something like MS Excel) and print it out. You can also export a list of your invited guests for a calligrapher to work with.
* Facebook Application: lets you monitor your Marriage Site account from within Facebook. You can also import your Facebook friends into your Marriage Site contacts to speed up the creation of your invitation guest list.
* Gifts: lets you keep track of who gifted what and whether you have sent them thank you notes.
* Guest List: lets you include the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of your prospective guests.
* Import Data: if you've already compiled a guest list, or want to add contacts from your Outlook address book, you can easily get this data into Marriage Site through their "import data" feature.
* Invitations: group your contacts into families, couples, etc. Let Marriage Site automatically set up each invitation with a mailing address (outer and inner envelope) to help you build invitation lists.
* Music Suggestions (iTunes): snippets of hundreds of popular tunes, via iTunes.
* Plan With Family & Friends: give key family and friends access to certain parts of your Marriage Site account so that they can e.g. help you gather contact details, organize seating arrangement, etc.
* Reminders: get automatic email reminders about upcoming tasks
* RSVP Status: instantly see who will be attending, who will not be attending, who has yet to reply. Keep track of which contacts plan to bring the additional guest(s) allowed for in their invitation.
* Same sex marriage support: A feature that's surprisingly absent from most other websites is same sex marriage support, allowing you to choose "groom and groom", and "bride and bride", as well as the traditional "bride and groom" options when signing up! Support for same sex marriages is included throughout Marriage Site.
* Statistics: Access useful statistics on your account like task completion, total contacts (+ guests), total groups, contacts grouped %, RSVP'd contacts, estimated attendance, total attending, total not-attending, budgetary figures, gift thank you note % ...and lots more!
* Table Planning: Marriage Site supports different table shapes and will even create the table list automatically for you. You can then use third party software to create accurate representations.
* Tasks: Marriage Site can add tasks automatically for you (very helpful if you have no idea where to begin) and will even schedule them according to the amount of time you have left until your wedding day.
* Time Zones: localize every task or event to your local time zone.
* Vendors: keep a list of your vendors' contact details so you can quickly access those details when you need them.

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