Sunday, January 3, 2010

Milestone Indicators

What are the Milestone Indicators for start-ups

1. Time to first client
2. Time to first revenue shared employee
3. Time to first revenue
4. Capacity to support full time employees in numbers(for I Am Marrying, it is zero right now)
5. Startup Resistance: Its known that getting the first client is difficult. As more clients are acquired, its becomes progressively simpler to acquire new clients. Some metric that could measure this fact is desperately needed.
6. Gestation Costs: Every startup has to go through a gestation period. A measure to measure its costs would help measure its growth efficiency.

I have been able to think of above till now. The metrics have to be minimalistic, which mean non-essential metrics should go away..We will do the optimization after we have discovered most of them.

Rohit Tripathy

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